Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i need a little good luck to get me by this time

Okay! Let's gather 'round the camp fire and get some things out in the open, shall we? (both things are about different people)

It's not that I'm not happy for you both, because I totally am, let's not forget that. I know what will happen though. It happens everytime. I'll be forgotten. Who needs a best girl-friend when you have a girlfriend, right. You'll only talk to the guys and barely talk to me, which sucks because we really only just got close again. Some may say it's jealousy which it isn't but whatever, let them think that. I'm willing to try if you are though, no not dating, just staying friends. I'm always there but you seem to forget it, and your to egotistical to be told anything negative about you, and really you should totally see when your being a jerk and abandoning someone you call your bestfriend and sister. So I don't know maybe being friends won't workout, but you haven't been together long and it's already happening. I'm not here to tell you to make a choice I'm just here to say don't forget what you have now, what you'll have during and after this realationship, and hopefully you'll think twice about letting that go.

On a brighter note, you make me smile, and keep me lost in thought. To bad you don't know I exist and to bad I would throw up trying to talk to you. It's weird saying I like you when I don't know you, but I have this attraction to you. It's definatley a strange one, like I know it's not just physical, but I can't quite say what else it is. When I see you around other peoplee it really makes me wish that I was one of those girls who could get any guy she wanted, but I'm not changing who I am for you just so we're clear. It drives me crazy knowing that the chances of anything happeneing between us are 1 in 1 000 000 000. I'll get over it though so don't you worry, I just wanted you to know that you make me smile.


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